Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Stacking Bar Stool from KE-ZU

Found this in my stool web search... the Ke-zu stacking bar stool. Rather nice don't you think, simple design and looks easy to move about too. Also gets around that problem of how-to and where-to stack and store stools. As they are not the easiest objects to fit in storage. Strong colour with a solid frame that rather suits the market simple design and a 'plain' look. Stool rating of 4 for this one.

Stool Stories...

A few stool stories from around the world...

Store Clerk Fights Off Would Be Robber.

Dog Gets Head Trapped in Stool.

Jail term for bar stool assault.

That second one says slow news day to me...

Monday, 24 September 2007

Stool Pigeon Prints

Now I know its not a true stool, in the physical essence of the word. But I must admit that its a rather nice image, so if you want one just follow this link.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The N+ew Stool

In my continuing search for all things stool related I have found this rather unique item.
This box, created by embedding recycled computer parts inside a block of resin, is an expensive hand-made stool crafted by Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso. Called the N+ew Stool, each will be as unique as the trash thrown in.

You can get it from Uncrate.

Now I like this rather a lot, though the price is something to be desired. Its almost the ultimate geek chair, and I imagine you even chose some of the item that you want added in to it, but I expect it rather weighty.

I give it a stool rating of 4, a amazin' looking stool only let down by the cost, meaning its out of the reach of most people.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Colour Changing Stools

I've seen this on the BBC website, its basically a story about new colour changing furniture.

On display at the Siggraph show (Japan), the Fuwapica furniture uses sensors embedded in the table-top to work out the colour of items placed upon it.

The colours of the stools then change to match the colour of whatever has been placed on the sensitive table-top.

The stools' sensors work out the weight of anyone sitting on them - heavier people are treated to darker shades.

So how happy would you be about sitting on furniture that tells you how heavy you are? Now I like the idea of something that is interactive like this, but life's hard enough with out the stools mocking you about how chubby you are... What colour does it turn then if you weight allot, different shades of black? Plus surely people will pick up on this and soon learn the colours to look out for, not good in my mind.

Friday, 10 August 2007

First in many of Rate My Stool

Welcome to the first of what I hope is many, 'Rate My Stool'. As you can guess I will be rating stools, so lets start.

Stool number one is a simple foot stool, I have given it a stool rating of 3. As it does its job well, to increase your height and to reach those difficult objects, or even act as a small seat. Simple, plain, but effective.

Stool number two. This has a stool rating of 4, though its not the most amazing of stools and does the same jobs as the stool above, it has one extra feature that pushes its score up. The storage compartment, very, very handy for putting all those tools that you might need when out and about on your stool!

I hope you have enjoyed this short edition of 'Rate My Stool', and feel free to send me your stool photos. Hopefully I will post more myself soon!

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Monday, 6 August 2007

Welcome to my NEW blog

Yes the title is right, 'Rate My Stool'... and here is what I mean -

  1. A backless and armless single seat supported on legs or a pedestal.
  2. A low bench or support for the feet or knees in sitting or kneeling, as a footrest.
So all you dirty minded individuals, BACK-OFF... this is all about stools, of the siting and resting kind.

The next update will be soon, with pic's, so feel free to send me your stool pictures.